More often than not, one of the first question that pops into your mind when you open your email is what you have to do for the day.
TaskToCal is a lightweight utility that enables you to view appointments, meetings, tasks and events directly in Microsoft Outlook's calendar.
Modern interface that does not distract you
Since it integrates into Outlook's toolbar, it is an add-in that borrows the looks of the well-known Microsoft program.
Not only does it blend in it perfectly in the toolbar, but it also works in the background to avoid distracting you from your work or leisure activities.
It requires minimum configuration
Upon installation, you can check the Manage Task-Calendar Partnership to make sure the add-in reads events from the designated Outlook folder. You can add, edit and delete other partnerships according to your needs and preferences.
You can browse through the options in order to specify the action to be taken in case a newly introduced task does not have a reminder. TaskToCal also allows you to delete the appointment, event or meeting from the calendar once you complete it.
Does not impact event creation
It is necessary to mention that the role of the app is to display the events you create. Therefore, it does not affect the standard process of creating entries in Outlook and, if you postpone a certain task for later, that is reflected in the calendar immediately.
While it may not seem like much, the add-in can prove useful for busy professionals who need to have a constant overview of their agenda for the day. You can print the tasks registered in Outlook, a feature that can be useful for the times when you are on the road and do not have access to your email.
An option for today's busy professionals
Irrespective of how improbable it seems, sometimes you can find yourself without access to the internet while away from office. Since it allows you to view tasks directly in the calendar and print them, TaskToCal can be your backup solution in these kinds of situations.


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View & Manage your Microsoft Outlook calendar directly in the toolbar
Instantly view & manage your Microsoft Outlook calendar from TaskToCal Crack Keygen.
Lets you view and manage your Microsoft Outlook calendar directly in the toolbar.
TaskToCal Cracked 2022 Latest Version Features:
Easily view your Microsoft Outlook calendar (Ctrl + Alt + T)
Save current date in a custom, format-specific way (Ctrl + Alt + V)
Create new Microsoft Outlook calendar entries (Ctrl + Alt + M)
Print your Microsoft Outlook calendar entries (Ctrl + Alt + P)
TaskToCal is a lightweight, yet powerful application that helps you to manage your Outlook calendar efficiently.
TaskToCal is a Microsoft Outlook add-in that helps you manage your calendar more efficiently.
It lets you view, edit and delete your events and tasks directly in the calendar toolbar.
Use Ctrl + Alt + T to view your Outlook calendar
Choose your preferred calendar view: Day, Week, Month, Year, Group, All Day or Custom
Save your current date and time in an optional, custom, format-specific way (Ctrl + Alt + V)
Create new events and tasks in Outlook (Ctrl + Alt + M)
Print Outlook calendar entries from TaskToCal (Ctrl + Alt + P)
Although it is quite a complicated task, sometimes, you may find yourself in a situation in which your outlook calendar is not synchronized. In such cases, having a good tool at your side can be a life saver.
TaskToCal being such a fine tool, manages to streamline the process of creating, modifying and scheduling calendar events.
TaskToCal Features:
Easily view your Microsoft Outlook calendar (Ctrl + Alt + T)
Save current date in a custom, format-specific way (Ctrl + Alt + V)
Create new Microsoft Outlook calendar entries (Ctrl + Alt + M)
Print your Microsoft Outlook calendar entries (Ctrl + Alt + P)
TaskToCal Description:
View & Manage your Microsoft Outlook calendar directly in the toolbar
Instantly view & manage your Microsoft Outlook calendar from TaskToCal.
Lets you view and manage your Microsoft Outlook calendar directly in the toolbar.
TaskToCal Features:
Easily view your Microsoft Outlook calendar (Ctrl + Alt + T)
Save current date in a custom, format-specific way (Ctrl + Alt + V)
Create new Microsoft Outlook calendar entries (Ctrl + Alt + M)
Print your Microsoft Outlook calendar entries (

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* Mini todo list
* Simply manage tasks through one tool
* Lightweight and easy to use
* Unclutter your outlook with lightweight little app
* View all events in calendar
* Record and mark tasks as complete
* Print tasks
* Add new events
* Share tasks
* Delete incomplete tasks
* Simple Todo List
It allows you to have a quick glance at what is the next step in your day, in the same way that Gmail or Outlook do in their default interfaces.

Are you traveling to a conference and have a lot of meetings and seminars to attend?
Tasker is the perfect task manager app for that. It keeps all of your tasks organized so that you can keep track of your tasks even if you have no internet connection.
– Easy to create lists
– Create tasks to book flights, meeting rooms, conference rooms, flights etc.
– Share tasks to other contacts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.
– Set reminders for your tasks to help you to never miss a task.
– Set task priority for different categories
– Set task dependencies
– Option to set tags.
– Option to set Tags
– Option to set priority for different categories
– Option to set repeat option
– Option to set tags (option to add more tags to existing tags)
– Option to send task via social media
– Option to set option to import contacts from Microsoft Outlook
– Option to set other priority tasks (option to select different tasks from different categories)
– Option to set search filters
– Option to set notifications for your tasks
– Option to change the font size
– Option to change the font color
– Option to set line height
– Option to specify the minimum font size for the tasks
– Option to set counter for the tasks (example: $5)
– Option to mark task as completed or incomplete
– Option to Print current view
– Option to export task to CSV
– Option to add task to favorites
– Option to clear all tasks
– Option to delete all tasks
– Option to export tasks to CSV
– Option to add tasks for each category
– Option to import contacts from Microsoft Outlook
– Option to set task priority for categories
– Option to set the priority of tasks in other categories as well
– Option to set reminder before task due date
– Option to filter the result set by particular date range

Are you


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Use TaskToCal to see all of your tasks across all calendars and tasks. Watch the progress of all tasks in the Calendar of your choice, quickly create new tasks from your mobile device.
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System Requirements For TaskToCal:

Experience with 3D first person shooters.
Good to intermediate skills with the Keyboard and mouse (or Trackpad on Mac).
Ability to “think outside the box” and break out of habit.
Enjoys having fun and working hard.
Like playing games, but are not a casual gamer.
Able to learn quickly.
Able to communicate and work well in a team.
Able to see the big picture and follow through with tasks.
Note: The team has tried to

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