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all that is needed is the shark to go faster and closer and the human to hold it at an angle and at a certain distance.

the first thing i’m concerned about is keeping the shark visible – can the shark be made smaller than a human? while holding the miniature at a distance should be fairly easy for a human, it would be like trying to grasp a small fish with your fingers while standing on a lake’s edge. it might work if the human is in something like a swimming trunks but it would be very difficult to move your arms while wearing a shirt, jacket or other clothing.

even if the human sees the shark it should be very hard to determine that the shark is actually aware of the human since there would be no eye contact and the human may not be close enough to be seen by the shark (though he can still jump, fly or otherwise move away).

How hard would it be to compute the desired frame for a 3D animation and then render it from that? I’m not sure if it’s already done but it sounds pretty straightforward if you know the math behind it.

There’s already a lot of work being done with virtual reality for training military personnel, and it’s another field that can benefit from VR.

I think an important issue with this would be spatial awareness. I don’t think we’re in a point in the future where we can position a human in space accurately enough to be able to recognize that they’ve done something unusual with the environment; even if we could, they’d need to be aware of their interactions with sharks and other (terrifying) stimuli around them.

I think a good solution would be video that triggers a change in behavior in the animal and then a response from the handler. Not sure how that would be done yet but maybe using some object


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