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Bhagat Singh, described by the British as a “terrorist”, has been described as “India’s first martyr”.
Bhagat Singh (19 March 1907 – 30 January 1931), born , was a revolutionary who died in a British prison. He was the leader of the…
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In the 1930s, Indian independence revolution begins, The story begins as an ordinary Indian family lives in Lahore. On the eve of Independence, Bhagat Singh, an young freedom fighter is killed by British police. The story further narrates that his death is due to British tyranny and a symbol of freedom struggle in India. The media starts portraying the legend of the young freedom fighter and calls him a martyr. The media and political leaders persuade the grieving parents of Bhagat Singh to pass on his legacy, and thus he becomes an icon for his generation.

The narrative combines historical event with biographical elements. The events depicted are based on the factual research of various historians on Bhagat Singh and his life. The biographical elements depict the struggles and the evolution of a budding revolutionary. The media’s portrayal is depicted with irony and wit.  .

The movie explores the life of Bhagat Singh from the perspective of a little boy and through his love story. The media depicts the romance between a young boy and a beautiful girl.  .

Finally, the movie serves as a tribute to a great revolutionary. The life of a common man is depicted as a symbol of freedom struggle.

The movie also narrates the death of friends in the name of “blood letting”. A few people’s lives are taken by their colleagues, friends, and relatives as a result of the political pressure to end the freedom struggle and by the politicians.

The soundtrack of the film was composed by Anand Raj Anand, Nadeem Shravan and has been produced by T-Series.

The Legend of Bhagat Singh was released on 26 January 2002 in India.

Critical response
The film received positive reviews upon release.

Despite its historical and political context the film was overall received positively by critics. In India the film obtained an average critic score of 5.5/10 and an average audience score of 7.7/10. In India a consensus of 38% of the critics have given 3 stars in All cineplexes & cinemas. The Times of India gave a positive review and called it “A well researched historical film with a lot of wit and action”. IndiaFM s website rated the film as 8.5 on a scale of 10 and gave the movie as the 35th best Hindi film of the year. Taran Adarsh of IndiaFM awarded the

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