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The Provoked In Hindi


What is provoked in Hindi, the meaning is provoked in Hindi, the definition is provoked, examples and pronunciation of the word provoked in Hindi. Many more clarifying concepts, such as provoked is a derivative of provoked, provoked in Hindustani, provoked sounds like provoked, etc. Targeted aggression manifests itself in the form of provocations, whether at the international or state level. Provocation usually means the introduction of one or another information or action that will obviously be aimed at intimidation (the “swing” effect). For example, if you start telling provocative stories, they will be picked up, replicated, and then these jokes will make everyone you meet and cross smile. Such events are called provocation. As a rule, they arise from scratch or as a result of the investigation of some “strange” or “irreparable” event. There is a clash of different opinions and points of view, and often not in favor of one of the parties, and people begin to think that all this is the work of provocateurs. Often such provocations are cited as an example of the effectiveness of information impact, which, with the help of information manipulation, helps to achieve the goals set for itself.
Initially, the word “provocateur” was used in a negative sense and figuratively too. But at the beginning of the 19th century, it was accepted as generally accepted.
A few examples of provocation and its meaning:
1. For a completely ridiculous reason:
– Surrender William, Earl of Salisbury to the Germans.
– Imprison the Count of Artois.
2. Bring the Paganini brothers to justice for illegal activities.
3. Announce the execution or overthrow of the French King Charles X.
4. Check the veracity of the gossip about Charles X. He was allegedly seen by everyone with his wife.
5. Conduct all sorts of “events” and news about them in the yellow newspapers.
6. Provocation, when as a result someone is accused of something.
7. Introduce an unspoken ban on visiting theaters with certain spectators, such as royalty.
8. Calculate how many times and in what areas of the city the words “freedom”, “security”, “solidarity”, etc. are pronounced.



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