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Tomtom Start 25 Map Update Crack


Aug 2, 2018
I have bought both an 80 GB and a 120 GB memory cards, even updates maps every month. I can beep sound for “have update available” for a year, but device says this month is available, but has no updates available. Why?  .
Oct 30, 2019
My TomTom START 55 ( with lifetime map updates ) just keeps updating its maps every other year for only a period of a few months? Still got a few months left of my 2 years.
My TomTom START 55 maps are not updating.
May 27, 2018
I found my TomTom START 55 had been flagged up as previous and said ‘end of life’ the following month. I contacted the support team but they (not very helpful) were only able to offer advice on upgrading or renewing my subscription. A bit of a disaster.
May 19, 2020
My TomTom START 55 said it had expired on Oct 29, 2019. I got no reply from TomTom support to my multiple queries.
May 4, 2020
My TomTom START 55 said it had expired on Sept 16, 2019 but I got no reply from TomTom support to my multiple queries.
Aug 25, 2019
Is it just me or is the purple icon for software updates behind my desired quick settings pane in my start 25 behind the location of the maps icon?
July 5, 2020
Regarding the Question, ” My TomTom START 55 said it had expired on Oct 29, 2019″
I have made multiple queries to TomTom support and they have told me that all TomTom devices have a 2 year warranty, and that they have no control over the warranty.
However I have spoken with someone else at TomTom and they have told me that there is a time period after a device is sold, for the manufacturer to support the device.
July 4, 2020
My TomTom START 55 still not expired as shown on desktop when connect to a usb port.
Question on the TomTom START 55, it tells me that my subscription has expired, but my desktop was still showing that it hadn’t. What is going on?
Dec 14, 2019
I just bought a new TomTom Start 55 and my old start 55 was still listed as available. I don’t need the old one anymore and was wondering why it was still available?
Jan 28, 2019
I bought a TomTom START55


Topic: NavCore Download
How to update Maps on TomTom. My tomtom Start25 has just been updated by my local tomtom dealer, they made some changes to the map. How can I update the map on my TomTom Start25? where can I find instructions?
Mar 13, 2017
Hi – Ive recently updated my tomTom xl to 01.21.53 and all of a sudden on my map screen – it only shows the first 3 or 4 zoom levels and the rest of the map is blank, I tried to update the map through setup but it doesnt seem to recognise it. Also – I tried to locate the files for the map on my SD card but I couldn’t see any. I’ve tried to look for a map update on TomTom website but there are no downloads, also have tried the site you linked to but again no download. Anyone got any ideas on how I can update my map? Ive also tried a hard reset of the device but no luck.
Jul 2, 2019 
I have a start 25 which uses Mydrive to update. No issues here. Today I paid to to upgrade the Start25 to the Camper Maps paying 99 UKP. 
Map of new country-Landsat. More info in: link
Jun 17, 2019
Ive got a tomTom via 125 bought in january 2019, now it says the software update but I dont see a way to update map, i have searched and searched. The updates are always in find the app, when you search for them. How to update map on tomTom via 125 search and install map
Mar 3, 2020
Hello @Diana1952, I just bought a camper maps tomtom system in march ’19. I updated to the latest map an dashboard around mid march ’19. It seems to be working fine for a while but now when I start driving, it only shows the 3 or 4 zoom levels. Can you help out?
tomtom xl software update
I have a TomTom Start 25. When I first purchased it, I used MyDrive to update it with the latest map and now when I go back to the manufacturer’s website for the software version and maps for my system, the download is not listed there. Instead, all I see is the software for the same map, version number “01.31.03” but it is in English and the maps are for Portugal. Is there any way to update my system

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