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TopTracker is an all-in-one time tracking app that allows you to track the time you spend on various projects.
Managing projects and keeping track of your tasks is pretty straightforward with TopTracker. Add projects, assign team members, track your time, and start your project now.
TopTracker Features:
– You can track both task time and project time by using the drag & drop functionality of TopTracker
– TopTracker accepts input from physical keyboards and mice
– Plan your work with the best software time tracker, TopTracker!
– Keep track of your time with advanced features like statistics reports, customizable reports, and customizing with templates
– TopTracker’s web dashboard is customizable and well designed
– Popular features of TopTracker – a timer, a reminder panel, and a big clock widget
* TopTracker Bonus Web App Version 2.0.1: *
* No Ads, No Sponsors, No Incentive This version only has features found in the web app version.
* Available to download below: *
TopTracker Pricing:
* See store pricing below: *
Author website:
Licensed under GNU General Public License, Version 3.0 –
No permissions are reserved on the desktop application. The desktop application uses the GPL v3 license and Redistributions must keep the entire copyright notice in the original form.

Capacitor is a web application that allows you to link up your digital media collection in an easy-to-use manner. It’s accessible from any browser as well as on iOS and Android devices. Capacitor is designed to work with your digital media collection and gives you many tools to explore it while keeping it organized. Capacitor is designed to work with both online and local media.
You can create a library, tag your media, browse your media, tag related media, and even play media. Add photos, movies, music, and more into your library and enjoy your media on your device. Capacitor has a nice big clock, and lets you easily browse your library and find media.
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TopTracker Crack + [Win/Mac]

The #1 time tracker for web and Windows. Track projects and teams with instant snapshots and detailed reports. Learn more about TopTracker at

SharetopScore is a very useful time tracking web app that allows you to accurately track your performance and the time spent on various projects and tasks, making it especially useful to freelancers aiming at hourly-paid jobs.
Even though SharetopScore is by no means the most feature-packed service of this sort out there, it does have one major advantage over some of its competition, namely it does not require synchronization with any freelance platform in order to work.
The basic concept behind SharetopScore is quite simple: create projects, add team members if you like, and track your work. Of course, monitoring progress while working online is all fine and dandy (it’s capable of recording keystrokes and mouse clicks, for example), however, it can also help you track your activity on your computer’s desktop thanks to clients for Windows, macOS, Debian, and RPM.
Modern-looking and smooth-running desktop client
We’ll be focusing on the Windows desktop application and, straight off the bat, we’ll state that this is a very well-designed product indeed. Featuring a compact, clear-cut, and intuitive GUI, working with SharetopScore is hardly a challenge as there are two main sections one for housing and managing the projects, and one for manual time entry purposes.
The app does not disappoint in terms of features either. Head over to the desktop app’s Preferences section, and you can choose the tracking interval, the idle timeout period, as well as control the frequency at which the app should automatically take screenshots of your activity.
Additionally, you can configure the utility to blur both the screenshots and the camerashots before the upload. The last section within the Preferences window displays a couple of useful keyboard shortcuts which can also be changed, of course.
Compelling web app + desktop app time tracking solution
Naturally, all the collected data is neatly centralized and can be accessed from the web app. The web app itself is also pretty nifty, and it indexes information in four main sections, Projects, Reports, My Activities, and Web Tracker.
By far the best feature of SharetopScore is the detailed productivity reports which can also be exported to CSV or PDF if you wish.
Effortless, efficient, and free time tracking, all with the help of SharetopScore
All in all, even though it’s

TopTracker Crack +

Track your time, track your projects

It’s very easy to create forms, add fields, and change the layout. The drag-and-drop implementation makes creating a form a breeze.
When a form is on-screen, you can see and edit how it will appear.
You can also edit almost everything, including text, table, or chart items.
The WYSIWYG editor has real WYSIWYG code, so there is no lag and it is fast.
In addition, you can use drag and drop, copy and paste, or add any number of items.
When working, you can see not only completed forms but also uncompleted ones.
We make it easy to achieve complete forms, including fields and tables.
You can also ask where the form will be used so that you can get a more accurate usage.
You can create forms that will be used by a common contact or for a specific use.
You can preview how a form will look like after pressing the “Preview” button.
You can select item position
You can add fields
You can change the size of the field
You can edit the item you want to change
You can style the field
You can customize the color of a field
You can add a background to a field
You can resize a field
You can add a gradient
You can add a background image
You can use a type
You can use a style
You can use a format
You can use a size
You can use a border
You can use a color
You can use a gradient
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You can use a link
You can use a file
You can use a keyboard shortcut
You can use a background image
You can use a background color
You can use a background gradient
You can use a border color
You can use a margin color
You can use a link color
You can use a font color
You can add a button
You can change button settings
You can add a picture
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You can

What’s New in the TopTracker?

TopTracker is a powerful Windows desktop app that allows you to track your time while working on your computer. It can log keystrokes, mouse clicks, and screenshots, and it can also be used to manage projects and teams. More importantly, it can export your time tracking to a spreadsheet or web page.
What is cool about TopTracker is that you can use it to track your time on your computer and then export the data to a spreadsheet (or web page) to give you a detailed look at your time spent, how it’s spent, and how your income is spent.
The authors of TopTracker created this software for web and mobile developers who need to track their time. TopTracker is a time tracking and project management system that supports online, on-demand estimates.
TopTracker was built with the goal of being a replacement for the current time tracking process. Today, a lot of web designers use a spreadsheet as a time tracker which provides a good deal of simplicity in tracking, reporting and exporting results. However, a spreadsheet is not appropriate for the needs of a freelancer or developer and often there is no integrated means to compare notes or reference past estimates.
If you were freelancing or running a web design business, you would probably want to track and manage your time better. You would want to see how long you work on a project and where the time is spent. You would also want to see which parts of your time are spent on each task so that you can allocate your time to the most productive tasks.
TopTracker provides you with:
1) Manage projects and teams
2) Create and assign estimates
3) Track time
4) Track keystrokes, mouse clicks and screenshots
5) Measure time and project progress
6) Manage time with the same ease that you manage your projects
What You Get With TopTracker:
Easily track time spent on projects, on-demand
automatically create estimates from estimated time frames and assignments
Have an easy time to measure time spent on tasks and estimate time for each task
Use it like a simple spreadsheet, but not a simple spreadsheet
Have an easy way to report your time spent on project and time spent on tasks
Catches all keystrokes, mouse clicks, screenshots
If you use Excel, you will feel the same experience with TopTracker
You can customize the time tracking interval (once a day, every day, every 15 minutes, etc.)
Export all project data to a table,

System Requirements:

Video Card:
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti
AMD Radeon HD 6290
Intel Core i5
Additional Notes:
– Compatibility with all regions.
– These are included in the full version of Starbound:
– 11 Wallpapers,
– 16 Animated Shields,
– 17 Modular Shields,
– 11 Music Tracks,
– 11 N64 music tracks,

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