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Town Planning Book By Rangwala Pdf Free Download


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Town Planning By Rangwala Pdf Free Download
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Town Planning By Rangwala Pdf Free Download. 2nd edition.. This book covers the following topics: Chapter 1: Introduction.
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If you are author or own the copyright of this book, please report to us by using this. Download & View Town-planning-by-rangwala.pdf as PDF for free.
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This book covers the following topics: Chapter 1: Introduction


Download EPUB PDF or read online book pdf Town-Planning-By-Rangwala.pdf.
In town planning, Rangwala discusses the most important things to consider when planning and designing an area of land for residential building.
The book starts off by explaining the two main aims of town planning.

The first main aim is to provide land with an overall design (or a layout) for housing, schools, shops, etc.

The second main aim is to ensure that the structures, buildings, streets, parks, etc.

can fulfil the needs of the population in this area.

The book also contains a series of rules that can be implemented to design towns in an effective manner.

At the end of the book, the author lists the key points of what he means by the five parts of town planning.

These parts are as follows:

The first part of town planning deals with the authority of the planner and the organisation who employs the planner to produce the town planning.

The second part deals with the required time to design the towns and collect information about land-uses, areas, etc.

The third part involves the initial study about the area or areas of the land that are being analysed for the town planning.

The fourth part deals with the available layout and methods of assessing layout and planning.

The final part of town planning deals with the evaluation of a plan.

The book ends with an appendix which explains some of the other important points that can be included in any plan.

In conclusion, this book is for anyone who is interested in town planning and anyone who will be employed by any organisation to design towns.

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