An open-source edition of UltiMailer – features include mass/bulk mailing (but only with one SMTP server and not multithreaded – consider the Professional version), attachment support, Time Machine, Fake mailing.
Fully functional, but lacks some advanced features as SMTP lists, built-in SMTP server for mass email, and multithreading.
You will also be able to import a recipients list and send the same message to several receivers at the same time.









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Mass mailing with one SMTP server and a built-in SMTP server for
mass email – make sure you have it working before you start using
it, though!
Attachments support – no processing of uploaded files is
required for the system to work
Time Machine – automatically delete all of your
sent messages after a day/week/month or after a number of sent emails
Fake mailing (important for the pro version) – when you want to send an email to a huge number of users – the system will simulate it as if they were a real mail
Mass mailing with several SMTP servers – if your server doesn’t support this, you can use the built-in SMTP server
Custom SMTP server (important for the pro version) – this means that you can edit your source code for whatever you like – the only requirement is that it supports the specified port, using the name you specified in the program’s.smtp file, and is visible by the OS
Multithreading – make sure your server supports it and your server is configured properly

Download for Windows:


I suggest you try the “Mail” (link) application on your Mac. It has an “Import” function that will import a text file of email addresses, then you can use the app to send mail to all of them. You can set it up to use your smtp server.
Otherwise I’d recommend EasyMail Pro. It has great text-to-email conversion features and is an opensource commercial program.


I have been using MailGuru for this purpose. It has an import wizard that walks you through the process step by step, providing all options for the SMTP server.
Here’s the link to the export wizard:


Getting a groovy warning from nagios

I am running Nagios 4.4.2 and got a warning from it about my /etc/nagios/nrpe.cfg file.
It says:
14:21:07: [WARN] Use of hardcoded hostfile location. To get rid of hardcoded hostfile location set ‘hostfile = /etc/nag

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We all have had a moment when we receive an email with a text in capital letters. (Guilty)
We all have seen people who switch to the wrong mailing-list, and can’t get their message because they can’t understand the captcha. (Yes, I’m looking at you)
(PS – I hope they gave you the correct password in the first place…)
There are often people who answer to spam messages without reading the captchas, and the spammers go on sending messages without any kind of security. (Most likely)
(Now, I’m looking at you)
(You should change your password, or you will get even more spam in your inbox.)
With this “KEYMACRO” you can receive mails and see if the message was tampered with, or if you can find your personal information.
You can test it with the attached example.
We have opened the Mac version of the software so you can test the feature without installing it.
If the email message is open in a window, press cmd + c to copy it.
If you press cmd + v you will paste it in the password box of the “I Can’t Decrypt” function, for example:
Paste the email message into the “I can’t decrypt” box.
Keymacro will ask you for your Key, and you just have to type your password.
No need to share your personal information with a third-party…
Here you can see an example of a mail which has a simple CAPTCHA (Explanation : Even a mail from a secure e-mail server cannot fool a program, and the CAPTCHA is not the only security)
A mail with a simple CAPTCHA (Example):
To: Yours E-Mail
Subject: Re:
Good afternoon.
We can do business only if you are ready.
You are right, it is me.
I am very sorry.
Best regards,
You will get a mail similar to the example one, but you will be able to read your password in the “I Can’t Decrypt” box.
You can play with this Keymacro, for example with the CAPTCHA’s examples:
I can’t decrypt:
I can�

UltiMailer Free

UltiMailer is an email marketing software that automatically generates emails based on the contents of a user-specified folder. UltiMailer lets you create professional e-mails in any web browser with the ability to add images, footers, and much more.
MASS MAILING. This means that you can create and send a number of emails to a whole list of subscribers at once.
ADDED IMAGES. Images, logos and logos are a part of every email, and you can add a picture to your own.
RECIPIENT LIST. You can create a list of your contacts and organize the information, add them to the list and send an email with the list attached.
LIST ENTRY. With UltiMailer you can create the list with the system automatically adding new entries when the list grows.
FRAGMENTS. Using fragments you can send a particular email to a single or multiple recipients (grouped together).
PLAIN TEXT MESSAGE. The software lets you create complex templates and make your message easy to read and understand for the receiver.
SMTP MESSAGE COMPRESSION. You can reduce the size of your email by compressing it with the built-in compressor.
FORMATTING. You can send emails using HTML, text, text/html, csv or email list.
EMAIL HEADER. You can add a custom header to your emails using html or text format.
Email list.
Date and time stamp.
Time machine.
File attachments.
Multiple attachments.
Built-in SMTP server.
Recipient verification.
Reputation system.
Powerful support.
Smarty support.
CSS support.
COMMERCIAL GRAPHIC SUPPORT. You can use any graphic on the internet to create great looking emails.
COMMERCIAL LOGO SUPPORT. You can customize your logo using standard web graphic formats.
PRODUCTION AND TESTING. You can use a brand-new testing mode to send to a small group of people to check the quality of your email before sending it to the public.
You can review, edit and delete emails without having to go through them all.
ULTIMAILER CREDIT CARD. Your credit card is safe with us. Every product you purchase includes 14 days warranty.Q:

Не скачивается файли

What’s New in the UltiMailer?

Sent more than one million emails at once, more than 10.000 messages per minute. It could be the most interesting program for Internet users. UltiMailer is the fastest utility for sending an unlimited amount of messages. You can send bulk messages to an unlimited number of email addresses, or automatically create and send messages from within your programs, such as: POP3 mailboxes, web browsers, FTP and CMD scripts. Mailing lists are supported. It can send messages directly from Windows to the system, or to email addresses, like “mailto:” URLs. Most useful features for Internet users are: Support for HTML messages. Free edition – unlimited message sending. In addition to the free edition, there is also a professional version of the program, with all of the features described above.

Features of UltiMailer:

Multithreaded, SMTP lists and import of mailboxes.

Graphical stats for each email and target.

Preview statistics by sending a simple report.

Built-in SMTP server – mail your website.

Templates, themes, fonts, messages, mailboxes, attachments, addresses, flags, etc.

Mandatory smtp address, username, password, and mail server. You can send email with other options, see the help file.

Mails, mailboxes, IMAP, WebDav and SMTP.

Cisco Support with a log chat.

Support for SOCKS5 proxy connections.

Accept for large number of recipients for a single mail message.

Create your own virtual mailboxes.

Controls quarantine status, so you can protect your email messages.

Real time protection for all files.

Send emails from Windows to Unix, Mac and so on.

Use the minimal resources and consumes less memory and CPU than other clients.

Use this feature to send mass emails to an unlimited number of email addresses or recipients.

Send messages with attachments to your web server in real time.

Extension for mail sending, so you can control the time that a message wait for delivery.

Organize the lists of your email addresses or recipients, create your own lists or modify one of the available lists.


System Requirements For UltiMailer:

Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Intel Pentium 4 or higher processor
DVD or CD Drive
Memory of 1 GB or more
1.8 GHz or higher processor speed
DirectX 9
Direct3D 9 or later
2 GB of RAM
10 MB or more of disk space
HDD (Hard Disk Drive) space
How to Install:
Installer Packages:
Microsoft Updates:
Microsoft Windows Updates for

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