Monitoring a system holds different meanings for every user in part. For example, someone who just upgraded their CPU would look for an app that keeps an eye on the processor's behavior, while someone who got a new GPU would surely try to find a tool that focuses on that component alone. If you want a tool that has a wider range when it comes to system monitoring, and generates results in real-time, VenMon could lend you a hand.
Switch between the two interfaces
The application employs two UIs in order to offer the user a choice regarding the display of the gathered information. The first UI that pops up after the installation is over is a miniature one, which squeezes all the data in a very small panel. This UI provides basic information about the CPU speeds, physical memory state, battery percentage (for laptops or portable devices), network connections, available drives and more.
The larger and more complete layout can be accessed from the system tray, by clicking the app's icon. This interface occupies more space and comes with graphical representations of the monitored processes, so if you are looking for more in-depth information, this would be the recommended form.
Cycle trough the tabs to access all the information branches
The first tab that opens by default in the large UI is System. This page displays detailed information about the Physical Memory's free and used space, PageFile Memory, CPU's speed and System Events — the latter listing average values for memory space, idle time intervals and battery state, if your device has one.
The Processors tab offers CPU statistics only and splits the tab into a number of graphs equal to the number of logical cores. Even if most of us have around four to six cores, it's important to mention that VenMon supports 144 logical cores. The remaining tabs are Storage, which monitors your physical drive activity and space; Networks, which tracks the sent and received packages and the connection's stability, and Ping, which seems handy for users that need to monitor IPs and Hostnames in great numbers (up to 1024 supported pings).
Powerful multi-tool
All in all, VenMon is a smart application that monitors and offers real-time results about the behavior of the most important components of a PC/laptop. From tracking simple system actions, like battery percentage and idle times, to offering vast information about internet connections and managing over a thousand pings, VenMon looks like a personal doctor for your system.


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Analyzes the different running processes on your PC and allows you to view your system in real-time.
Automatically scans your computer for problems, keeping you up-to-date and keeping your laptop/desktop ready to run
Know more

Intelligence: Processes the different running processes on your PC and provides intelligence about their performance.
System Health: Monitors your system and the physical state of your hardware.
Speed: Monitors your computer’s performance and performance of the different running processes.
System: Displays system information on your desktop.
Processes: Displays detailed information about running processes.
Diagnostic: Finds and displays Windows errors and system information.

General: Displays the system tray icon.
Keyboard Shortcuts: Shows keyboard shortcuts used by the application.
Time: Monitors your computer’s system clock and changes of the time.
News: Displays headlines of the websites you visit.
System Information: Displays Windows system information on your desktop.
Edit: Edits user or system settings.
Preferences: Lets you change the settings of the program.
Quit: Quit the application.
About: Displays the application’s details and website.
Help: Opens the Help Center.

The program is not intended for professionals or power users.

Latest Feedback

Just the other day I had my computer down for a few hours, and when I came back, I saw that my computer was so slow that I couldn’t open it. I ran a virus scan, but it found nothing. I decided to try VenMon after you recommended it. I ran the… – Icegiant

I don’t know if I should compliment you or at least your product but this software is indeed very good. I don’t know if it will help me in the long term in any way, but it definitely makes my PC go faster. I haven’t looked at the results for more… – jmimi

I downloaded Venmon and ran it. I’m glad I did. I was upgrading from a 6 year old dell laptop running Windows 98 that was slow, to a brand new laptop running Ubuntu with 7GB of RAM and a high end CPU. Before I purchased the new laptop I was thinking… – robert

Dear Mr. Skov:
I have to say that I was a little skeptical but after a month now I am very pleased with Venmon.
I looked at many applications like Resource

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Monitor the state of your system: CPU status and temperatures, Clock speeds, Memory and Physical Memory State, Device Status and Power Usage, Network Connections, Physical Drives, Battery Life and more. If you have a laptop, VenMon Crack Keygen will offer smart notifications when Battery Life falls below a given percentage, CPU speed exceeds a pre-defined threshold or applications have been consuming memory for too long.
VenMon Features:
System Info: Monitor and track Current Status
Monitor and track Current status
CPU Status, CPU-temperature, Clock speeds, and Power Usage
System Info: Monitor and track Overall Status
Monitor and track Overall status
CPU Info: Monitor and track performance
Monitor and track performance
Per application, process, and system performance
Per application, process, and system performance
Networks: Monitor and track Connections
Monitor and track Connections
Physical Memory: Monitor and track Memory
Monitor and track Memory
Network Traffic: Monitor and track traffic
Monitor and track traffic
Battery and Power: Monitor and track battery and power
Monitor and track battery and power
Storage: Monitor and track drive activity
Monitor and track drive activity
Ping: Monitor and track IPs and Hostnames
Monitor and track IPs and Hostnames
System tray icons: display the status of your system
Display the status of your system
Low battery icon: when battery is depleted, show the battery icon
Idle: enable/disable Idle process monitoring
Enable/disable Idle process monitoring
Check the Processes tab: display and monitor Processes
Display and monitor Processes
Check the Charts tab: display and monitor Charts
Display and monitor Charts
Check the Settings tab: change the settings of VenMon
Change the settings of VenMon
The latest build: 1.3.20034
-Bugfix: Fixes a possible data loss with long monitoring sessions
-New: Cpu temperature readings are added to the Processors tab
-New: Apply the maintenance fixes to the current build
To provide feedback, continue using Venmon’s bug report form, new user signup is provided on the Downloads page, or the VenMon forums.
Venmon is free software. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
Venmon is available on GitHub.

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Monitor your computer and find problems quickly.
VenMon brings real-time monitoring to your system. It helps you quickly find system problems before they cause any problems.
With VenMon, you can view performance counter graphs to monitor the system, see detailed information about a process or server including CPU usage, disk I/O, network traffic, and much more. You can also monitor statistics for systems like CPU and memory usage, Virtual Memory, Disk I/O, Idle Times, Network Traffic and more.
Download VenMon!

There are some problems with the App. The first is that it is only for Windows. I have tried to install it on my Mac, and it does not work. I also have tried several different browsers, and it does not work. It just tells me that “There are no problems”.I have tried to Google for an alternative to VenMon, but I am not able to find one. VenMon is not “free” as it sounds it is “freemium”.


I have tested various of tools to monitor our windows environment and Venmon is certainly a tool that is worth recommending.

Detailed information about performance counters of your system
Detailed information about one process or system
100+ system/process monitoring statistics to track your system

Apart from this it also provides system information for server systems.
You can get some statistics from this link

After a successful installation, You can start it by double-click the “venmon.msi”.
System Monitor


What problem does it solve?

monitoring and keeping up with the state of the system

this means…

what processes are running, how much memory is being used, current CPU usage, current connections, etc

This isn’t a “tool to monitor my computer” or a program to start my windows admin tool job or anything like that.
Venmon is a software suite of apps that monitor the state of your computer. The apps are in the form of windows services that sit in the background and update themselves when necessary.

They are all really quite easy to set up and monitor.

First, unzip the downloaded file. You’ll have a.msi file and a few other files.
Next, open a command prompt (I’m using Windows 7).

Run the command

What’s New In VenMon?

Monitor your computer’s health using one interface
Get real-time information about CPU, memory and system performance
View your system’s overall health
Configure, monitor and debug multiple interfaces
Configure multiple interfaces
Configure Power Management
Monitor PING
Set CPU Speed
Get Real-Time CPU Status
Monitor System Events
Debug the system
Change to a different console type
Control CPU
Request detailed CPU information
Monitor Pagefile
Monitor battery status
Monitor network
Monitor volume
Monitor network connections
Monitor CPU speed
Monitor network connections
Monitor CPU speed
Monitor memory
Monitor SATA
Monitor power management
Monitor battery status
Monitor processes
Debug CPU interface
Control CPU interface
Control power management
View the System Tray
Get information on System Tray

Runs on Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP/Vista

System requirements

The app is available in the download link below. It requires Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 or XP. For older Windows-versions a Windows-Update will be available.

Minimum system requirements:

Windows 7 SP1/ Vista SP2/ Windows 8.1/ Windows 10
3 GB RAM, 12 GB free space

Latest version

Version 0.5 (1/15/2015) – Updated FireMon, added Windows 8 support
Version 0.4 (11/15/2014) – Added support for XP, updated interface, updated CPU model
Version 0.3 (10/15/2014) – Added logging system, updated interface, added Linux support
Version 0.2 (09/15/2014) – Initial release

Home page:
Windows 7 Apps Database:

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System Requirements For VenMon:

– OS: Windows XP or later, or MAC OS 10.7 or later.
– Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon XP Processor, 2GHz or faster
– Memory: 512 MB RAM
– Graphics: 1024×768 display
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