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Category:Open-source 3D graphics softwareBALTIMORE (AP) — A federal judge sentenced a New York man to 21 months in prison on Wednesday for participating in a scheme to provide cash and gifts to get a teenage girl pregnant so he could marry her and adopt her baby in Maryland.

Matthew Aveni was a 21-year-old freshman at Johns Hopkins University in 2013 when he texted a 13-year-old Texas girl and asked her to come to New York to live with him and get pregnant. He gave her $500 and a $6,000 Rolex, along with other gifts, some of which prosecutors said he bought by using the stolen identity of a dead man.


Aveni pleaded guilty in June to one count of conspiracy to commit immigration fraud. Prosecutors said Aveni wanted to marry the girl in Maryland under a state law that requires a girl to be at least 16 to marry.

Aveni, who studied international relations, had taught himself how to create and modify e-mail accounts and had tricked the girl into sending him a nude picture of herself, according to court documents.

Aveni’s attorney said the case was an “unintelligible outcome,” and Aveni said he accepted responsibility for his actions. He blamed a woman who is the adoptive mother of his child.

He was arrested in Maryland in October after the woman found out he was in contact with her daughter.

“She told her I am her son and she loved me and I’m a good father and a good person,” Aveni said in court.

After Aveni gave the girl $10,000, he went to the passenger seat and slept while the girl drove to several McDonald’s locations in Maryland where they used her ID to order food and drinks,


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The app also provides:

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– Control the app through an AppLock
– Go back to previous states like state saving
– Save screenshots in Marker 2
– Support for languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portugues, Italian and Chinese.
– Search

A screenshot of the Clipboard from the app:

A screenshot of the Clipboard from the app with an empty clipboard:

A macOS clipboard example (made with Vero):

The main screen of the clipboard app:

A macOS clipboard made with Vero (clipboard is in this case a note):

The Vero clipboard can be completely in another app:

There are many more features in the Vero Force Tracker App, as well as the Vero Force Tracker with a clipboard app, including keyboard shortcuts and shortcuts to help you get to whatever clip you want faster!

Vero Force Tracker with a clipboard is the easiest way to switch back and forth between projects, using a clipboard to share content between apps.

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