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Anyone have any experience with these tools?


If you really need to test the inputs and outputs of a VHDL design, you should use the freely available online hardware simulation test bench tools. I haven’t used them myself but I’m sure they have a user guide. In addition you can test your design using a FPGA board and look at the contents of the HDL code generated by synthesis (e.g. Xilinx ISE 14.4) to help see if your design is actually working as you think it is.


What you want to do is build a test bench for your design. To do this you need to build a FSM in VHDL and then make it behave as if it was receiving data on your signal.
Most testing programs work off of patterns. A pattern is basically a set of signals that are defined as a group. When you run a test using one of these patterns the FSM can be setup to generate the appropriate signals to match the pattern. A simple setup would be the following.
signal p: std_logic_vector(3 downto 0) := x”00″;
signal pattern: std_logic_vector(1 downto 0);
signal sel_count: unsigned(3 downto 0);


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This keymacro is used to test out that your code is producing the same result as the hardware. It is
based on the keymacro described here:
The macro can be used to test out the functionality of any type of port.
Place this macro in the file you want to test.
Here is an example usage:


To run the test go to the top of the test file and then on the line
#KEYMACRO Write out to the output file.
If everything works well you should see the output appear in the output

This command is used to test the functionality of a keymacro or any other command
you write. It will run the code and check that it is producing the same results as
what you expect. You can run this command by opening the file that contains the code
you want to test and then using the following syntax:
#CHECKCOMMAND This is the command to run
#CHECKCOMMAND This is the command to run

You can use this command with a file that contains multiple commands and if
something fails you will get a message saying which command it was.

You can also use this command with a string:


It will run the command and print out if any errors.

This is not meant to be a “real” testing, but just a tool to help you.
■ 30 dayS trial
You use this command to run any type of keymacro.
For example if I wanted to test a simple keymacro I could do this.

You use this command to run any type of command. You will need to know where the code is that you want to test and run that command



This is not meant to be a “real” testing, but just a tool to help you.
■ 30 dayS trial

GPO-6320 used this before I started

You use this command to run any type of command.

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The VHDL Test Bench allows you to create, simulate and run HDL test cases in
a VHDL project. It is useful for creating and running tests of HDL functions, but
it is not limited to testing HDL code only.
The Test Bench also includes simulation and debug features to debug your HDL test
■ 30 dayS trial
Diver / DCS Generator for VHDL TestBench:
The VHDL TestBench Simulator application can be used to generate a small
number of VHDL test cases from a testbench or VHDL design. A testbench is an
anatomy of an HDL design that should be tested using Verilog or VHDL testcases.
■ 30 dayS trial
Stresser is a tool to test and measure the functional properties of complex
■ 30 dayS trial
■ Try it for Free, 30 Days
The features of this tool are:
■ Create and simulate HDL designs in VHDL using the Altera Quartus II
HW Builder
■ Create and compile HDL test cases (TestBench) from the design
■ Run the design against a multitude of test scenarios
■ Generate a full range of simulations, from basic hardware performance
profiles to complete bench of high-level test methods (cycle-accurate
■ Quickly generate a complex and complete set of test cases
■ Analyse and optimise the generated test cases
■ Identify the most critical paths of the design
■ Analyse and optimise the test cases
■ Generate Testbench & SimCase files directly from VHDL & Verilog design,
as well as from System Verilog (.sv) and SystemC (.sc) test benches
■ Generate Waveforms from all verilog/system verilog output for
waveform visualisation & synthesis
■ Generate the various types of models in Quartus II from Verilog or System
Verilog test cases
■ Analyse the hardware timing characteristics of HDL designs
■ Analyse the functional properties of HDL designs
■ Generate, analyse and optimise HDL test cases
■ Analyse and optimise the HDL test cases
■ Generate simulation models

What’s New In VHDL TestBench Tool?

System Requirements For VHDL TestBench Tool:

Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 or 10
Mac OS X 10.9.5 or later
Internet browser
2GB of RAM (4GB recommended)
Access to the internet
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