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Opcom Activation Code Win Hex Full Version

Sep 1, 2018
I try to use the OC_OPCOM V1.93 software for my COM1 on board, but could not run it. And it’s always error like “the application was unable to start correctly”. 0xc00007b error .
And I use the Win10 Winhex V15.4.1, but have the same error “the application was unable to start correctly”. “HW error” happened.
And on my computer I found the OC_OPCOM V1.93 is a kind of test versions. In this version I can not flash firmware nor connect to COM1.


The thing to keep in mind is that there are at least three distinct firmware files:

The appropriate for your chip version/platform (in your case, “fw1.45”).
The “firmware” version, which is just a simple pointer for use in Firmware updaters.
The software, which needs to be downloaded separately.

Since you are very likely running Win 7, we will work on the second of those.
The OP-Com Firmware updater for Intel Galileo development boards, which you used, is the software described here. It requires some specific files to complete the flashing, including the old firmware pointer (fw1.42 in your case, as the link you posted shows), file (because the updater format doesn’t support.hex files), and a “patch.”
The patch consists of a text file named “your-current-version-title.txt” (in your case “V01.40.16.txt”) inside the zip file.
In the.txt file, you need to find the line containing “APPS_PACKAGE”. That is the line in which there is a link to the.hex file for your old firmware (in your case, V01.44.hex).
You need to replace the text in that line with the text “V01.45.hex”. You do that by clicking Edit, Copy, and Edit, Paste.
After replacing that, save the.txt file and unzip file. Then, reboot the device, selecting the winhex menu item. Windows should detect a new update for Winhex. After selecting the V01.45.hex file, it should now be properly flashing your device with the new firmware.
I created a new firmware package by extracting a

by L Thompson
or by sim on BBS. Simply start the  . Specify the type of OP-COM (COff, J41 etc) and for the particular model,. Make sure it is set to OFF and keep it ON for activating through winHex..  .
Segacar Opcom (ROU) V1.37b [File By admin] WinHex is a Win32 application for Windows 95 and NT 4.0 through Windows 7. WinHex does not look like the original WinHex and is and not a rip-off!  .
Opcom Zafira B Diagnostics Tool 1.62
A discussion of the 9-pin connector and the related information that must be provided to the FPGA during the design process. Includes a circuit to show the pin .
I see error message in WIN hex 14.0.0 when i open the OP-COM 2010v.35 its Working normally. i made 3.4v FPGA after get this error. and how to solve? when i upload new fpga its shown (GK-4114) error.
Mar 29, 2018
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May 4, 2017
Pins shown as on. This is my first time using this tool.
In order to activate the “winHex” you need to have the
1. The following can be used to detect the communication:.
WinHex : password for activation code for opcom using winhex:
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In order to activate the “winHex” you need to have the    
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