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Virtual Ps2 Memory Card Maker


Whether you have a physical PS2 memory card, a virtual memory card (VMC) or a CF card, working with them can be tricky.
So today we will learn how to use an emulator so that you can use your PS2 memory card.
The digital version of the NES classic is now available to purchase and download for PS3 on PlayStation Store.
Sep 28, 2018 ps2 memory card for ps3


So I’ve done a bit more research into what might be possible using a virtual machine. The basic idea is that the virtual machine does not just emulate hardware, but emulates the console software in the same way. So even though Virtual Console games are running in a different OS to the host OS, they have access to the same hardware as the physical cartridge would and so are fully playable. This allows Virtual Console emulation software to create a “virtual” cartridge.
The remaining problem is that because of how the Virtual Console software emulates the games, a virtual memory card is not actually required, since everything is already in memory. However, to make the compatibility work properly, every game has to be stored in ROM (as it should be) rather than RAM. This is the problem with PS2 Virtual Console software that doesn’t seem to be able to fully emulate the memory card, and so cannot create a Virtual Memory Card. This issue has been reported on software forums and has lead to developers writing their own virtual memory card emulation software (including for Virtual Console).
Here is a page from Google that outlines the problems involved with emulating memory cards.

Virtual Memory Card Emulator
I am looking for a way to emulate the PS1 memory card to use under PS4. As far as I know, neither any tool nor any emulator can do that. I will have a look at that Virtual Memory Card Importer site you have linked, but it seems that it is not yet finished. Anyway, I hope that more and more people will solve this problem.

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On Linux: Virtual memory and PS2 Memory Card, PS2 Emulator, PS2 memory card, Backup PS2 save games, Restore PS2 save games. Here we show you a method that is easy and quick to create a virtual memory card for the PS2 for you to play PS2 games on windows PC or Mac.
Thanks to mitsunezuma,Virgil-Fan,hudhudu18212 and others!
Backup and Restore PS2 save games on Windows
Using bootable SDHC card, power supply, Jump Drive, USB-C to USB-A cables, and a cheap PC or Mac hard drive, or an NAS (Network Attached Storage) device.This article is a FAQ entry for the following topics:

What is PS2 Virtual Memory Card?
Will the PS2 Virtual Memory Card work in a PlayStation 3?
How to create PS2 Virtual Memory Card on Mac or Windows PC?
Can you save your PS2 games to PS3 memory card?
Can you restore PS2 save games to the PS3 memory card?
Can I transfer save games from my PS2 to my PS3?
How to activate a PS2 Virtual Memory Card on Mac or Windows PC?
Does a PS2 Virtual Memory Card work on PlayStation 4?
Can you transfer save games from PS2 to PS3?
Can you restore save games from PS3 to PS2?
Can you backup save games for PS2 and PlayStation 4?
I have downloaded this program, but I have no idea how to run it on my Windows PC. Will you help me?

Feb 17, 2020 Here you can make PS2 Virtual Memory Card and Restore PS2 save games on PC.
You will need PS2 Memory Card, USB-C to USB-A Cable, PS2 Console Memory Card Reader, SanDisk 16GB SDHC USB Memory Card, Compact Flash Card (with a different name), an Internal Storage Device (HDD), and some other equipment.
PS2 Virtual Memory Card creates a working save file and external storage file in your PC system.
It can work with any system that supports SDHC. You can use this program on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
Click “Next” and follow the instruction.
Select a save file format and press “Next”
Installed save files can be located.
You can choose which save data (game files) you want to save.
Click “Create”

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