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Vision Suit is the combination of Computer Vision and Photo Vision, in which you can add colors and images to the computer display, or blend the screen display with your own favorite images. It provides a wide range of color styles and brightness adjustment, and can further refine colors and fine tune the visual effects to meet your favorite lifestyle.
About Vision Suit:
Vision Suit was conceived in the early 1990s, which was a high technology era with many exciting applications. It was designed for personal entertainment rather than a professional tool; by using Vision Suit, you can take a virtual trip into the visual world, live a delicious vision and be excited.
By using Vision Suit you can easily customize the display with 10 categories including photo, solid, gradients, woodgrain, fiberglass, plastic, mirror, marble, stone, and gold. It offers you a variety of color gradients, photo filters, and a hundred of effect presets that can easily change the look of the screen display to match your mood, surrounding environment, and taste.
For example, you can take you a trip into the visual world by using it to increase or decrease the brightness of the text. You can also use it to brighten or darken the colors of the screen display with the use of the added color filters.
To enhance and enhance your screen display to match your favorite lifestyle, Vision Suit provides you with a wide range of color styles such as pastel, neon, fog, lightning, flame, hologram, rainbows and snow, and a hundred of effect presets for various visual effects like the Metallic, Vintage, Retro and Retro Glow, Neon Light and Glow, Rainbow and Flame, Glitter and Lace, Sparkling Water and Smoke, Muddy and Solid, and more.
Vision Suit brings color to your life with ease. You can add colors to your screen display, turn on/off the text and the background color using a mouse click, remove the glare of the bright color blocks or put on a virtual filter, and enjoy the comfortable and safe computing experience.
With Vision Suit, you can also update your display to the new color styles and effects, or make your screen look like a photo. Not only that, but Vision Suit offers you more than these, including the ability to express your favorite vision.
■ A variety of color styles and effects
■ Combine your favorite images to blur your screen display
■ Self-adjust display to match your lifestyle
■ Add a virtual filter

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1. Professional, natural and easy-to-use.
2. It is highly intuitive and easy to use.
3. It can easily save images on your computer.
4. Vision Suit is very easy-to-use.
5. Vision Suit is designed to provide a comfortable and fantastic visual effect.
6. Vision Suit can make you feel like you were behind the screen.
7. Vision Suit is a lifesaver for those who have to spend too much time in front of the computer screens.
8. Vision Suit is able to blend your screen with any colors and images, such as wood, stone, and paper, and etc..
9. Vision Suit also generates realistic and dynamic lighting effects directly on your computer screen.
10. Vision Suit is to offer a comfortable and fantastic visual effect.
11. Vision Suit is more valuable than other virtual filter programs.
12. Vision Suit is to make you feel like you are inside the screen.
13. Vision Suit is designed to provide a comfortable and fantastic visual effect.
14. Vision Suit is to make you feel like you were behind the screen.
Special Options:
■ Blind Focus Mode: The program can change the color style or brightness of the entire screen, which is very convenient and reliable.
■ Automatic Filter: The program can detect the brightness and adjust the screen automatically, which is convenient and reliable.
■ ColorMatch: Vision Suit also can provide the perfect color gradients to match the color style of your monitor.
■ Shadow Detail: The program can enhance the shadow detail of the screen, which is very powerful.
■ Fast Scrolling: The program can also provide a nice “fast scrolling” effect.
■ Smooth Transition: Vision Suit also can make a smooth transition to any color style or brightness.
■ Presentation Mode: The program can easily present the screen or monitor vertically or horizontally.New guidelines to keep taurine at an optimum level


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Vision Suit Crack+

The program integrates well with both Windows and Mac OS systems. Vision Suit is a basic, easy-to-use visual filter software. Through the menu bar, you can quickly control all the functions of Vision Suit. With this kind of filter software, you can apply various visual effects to the computer screen, such as the visual effects like the original brown color images. All the colors will be tinted with a cool white color with natural looks. This software application also helps you to get rid of the glare from the display screen.
Unlike some other visual filter applications, Vision Suit is all about a lot of graphic effects. Using Vision Suit is like playing a game with a fashion look. You can easily make your computer screen become a more interesting place with various visual effects. Your computer screen looks really cool and distinct.
You may wonder why they are calling it a visual filter. Actually, the program was designed to help users to relax their eyes and reduce the symptoms of eyestrain. Vision Suit improves vision at the same time. It turns the computer screen into a room with some cool colors and pretty pictures.
At the time, it is being designed, Vision Suit was a default visual filter on both Windows and Mac systems. It has a very simple and convenient user interface. If you are a beginner, you can use it just as well. With Vision Suit, you can almost make the computer screen look like a piece of paper or a wood floor. This kind of cool screen can significantly reduce eyestrain problems and headache.
Your favorite pictures or graphic elements will blend seamlessly into Vision Suit, just like some light paper or wood. It is really a visually stimulating and dramatic software with a variety of many sophisticated functions.
What Is Vision Suit?
Vision Suit is a software filter application designed for Mac OS X and Windows computers. It was originally designed for the Apple iMac. Vision Suit was conceived by Robert D. Rosner, a consultant for the Apple company. The application is free, no trials, no ads, and no watermarks. This visual filter application makes your computer screen more glamorous, and also relaxing to the eyes.
With Vision Suit, you can apply the cool colors to your computer screen.
You can now easily turn your computer screen into some different or new background. All the colors will be tinted with cool white color, just like the original brown color images on the laptop screen. You can even go to a different location and put the screen to a different background that you always wanted

What’s New In?

■ Eliminate glaring color blocks on the screen
Smart Vision Suit program generates real-time and living visual effects to eliminate glaring color blocks on the screen.
It works like color filters, gradually blurs the white blocks, progressively enhances the contrast of the color blocks that comes from the light in the display and the screen display which has no interference with the original image. Once the block contrast is enhanced and it is bright enough, the program will recover the original color blocks.
■ Generate real-time and realistic lighting effects
Vision Suit displays realistic lighting effects on the screen. It is a very powerful visual and light-filter software. With it, you can interactively turn the vision of the display to be more living and user-friendly.
And while the screen is not being updated, the other PC applications do not use CPU, so the full speed of computer resources can be used for other applications.
■ Color effect
Smart Vision Suit program can work on various display supports such as Direct X, VESA, ATI, Nvidia, PowerColor. It supports to work on all the latest operating systems such as Windows 9, Windows 7, Windows 2008.
■ Color Gradients
Smart Vision Suit can generate color gradients for the screen or image.
■ Adapt to the lighting environment
Smart Vision Suit not only adapts to the brightness of the screen but also to the lighting environment (direct sunlight, fluorescent light, cabin).
■ Texturize the screen
Smart Vision Suit can texturize the screen, which make the original image can look like solid colors, color gradients, pictures or video.
■ Photo Scroll
With its photo and video stamp effects, you can texturize your photos and videos and insert into the screen to make your photos as a cool images.
■ Blend the screen
Smart Vision Suit is a powerful screen-blending program. It allows you to match the screen on the image, and the screen display can naturally turn more living.
■ Light Filter
Smart Vision Suit is a great Light Filter software. It can blend the screen with a favorite photo or scene.
■ Real Time Lighting
Smart Vision Suit is a powerful software for you to interactively turn the vision of the display to be more living and user-friendly.
■ Turn the vision of computer display into your favorite scene
Vision Suit supports a wide range of video formats (WMV, MP

System Requirements For Vision Suit:

OS: Windows 7 64-bit or higher
CPU: Intel Core i5 2.8 GHz or AMD equivalent
RAM: 4 GB (4 GB recommended)
GPU: AMD HD 7950 or NVIDIA GTX 760 or equivalent
Display: 1366×768 pixels (recommended)
Sound: DirectX 11 compatible sound card
Additional Notes: The game does not support tablets. On Windows, the “Game” menu and all buttons on the game window should be activated with the “Alt” key + “Tab” combination

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