VMC Remote was designed to help you control a Media Center PC using any device.
Once you’ve installed MCE Controller or VMC Controller on your Vista Media Center PC, the application can be easily installed onto your mobile device and is used to talk to you PC using a simple TCP socket connection.
The easiest way to connect your device to your PC is through a wireless network. Connect your PCs/devices, set up the remote and you’re ready to role!


Download ✑ ✑ ✑ https://urllio.com/2mzz95

Download ✑ ✑ ✑ https://urllio.com/2mzz95






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VMC Remote Crack Keygen is a fully functional remote control application for MS Windows devices. It provides full support for controlling MS Vista Media Center using one of over 40,000 supported devices, as well as many other types of devices.
Features Include:
* Full support for Windows Media Center (MS Vista or XP)
* Clickable list of all connected devices
* Support for much more than just Media Center PCs:
* External Control of MS Windows laptops or workstations
* Control Blu-ray players
* Control Xbox consoles
* Connect up to 50 remote devices at once
* Ability to set up and use multiple users on one device
* Full command support with the ability to type commands, click buttons and go to control scripts
* Remote commands can be initiated from the remote device or remotely from VMC Controller on your Media Center PC
* Ability to override all other keys/functions when using custom commands
* Automatic remapping of keys
* Remote control of Bluetooth-enabled devices
* Use of shortcut keys via script
* Support for performing scheduled remotes
* Support for issuing commands to more than one device simultaneously
* Support for turning off any device that has control scripts for a device
* Ability to set up to 20 different control remote users
* Ability to assign a unique ID to each remote so that they can be run simultaneously
* Great tablet and touch screen support for VMC Controller and MCE Controller
* Support for logging all events and errors from remote control sessions
* Ability to save a log of all events and errors
* Ability to send emails to users when commands complete successfully
* Ability to issue an exit code as the last command run
* Ability to save and load settings for each remote

Key Features

Full support for Windows Media Center (MS Vista or XP).

Ability to control thousands of other devices, including external Windows PCs, Win7 laptops, Xbox consoles and Blu-Ray players.

Support for much more than just Media Center PCs:

External control of Windows PCs and laptops.

Ability to control Blu-Ray players.

Ability to use a Windows Media Connect remote to control Apple iPod or iPhone.

Support for performing scheduled remotes.

Ability to issue commands to any device that can be controlled by VMC Remote, even remote devices that use different input methods.

Ability to assign a unique ID to each remote so that they can be run simultaneously.

Ability to send email reminders.


VMC Remote

VMC Remote is a media center control application designed to help you control your PC using your mobile device from anywhere in the world.
✢ Control your PC using any wireless device: Tablets, iPhones, iPads or any Windows device
✢ Supports a simple TCP socket connection
✢ The application is easy to install, open and configure on the phone
✢ The application is compatible with all Media Center and RIA devices that can run on Vista
✢ Supports ActiveSync and PushNow
✢ Backwards compatible with Windows Mobile 2005/Vista devices (Mobile version is VMC Remote, Standard version is VMCRemote)
✢ VMC Remote was designed to offer a standard controller to use in place of your mobile device, it’s smaller and more intuitive
✢ Different setup can be easily achieved with a few clicks
✢ Configure VMC Remote with multiple tablets in your home, school, or anywhere
✢ You can use the remote with either mouse or pen
✢ Many other features are coming soon…
What’s new in v0.4.0 – (2009-05-28)
– major bug fix. Fixed a crash bug when a controller could not be downloaded
– fixed a bug when configuring the remote
– fixed a bug when updating the help file
– minor bug fix
What’s new in v0.3.1 – (2009-05-28)
– New devices supported. (included in the package)
– New features introduced.
What’s new in v0.3.0 – (2009-05-27)
– VMC remote now supports Mouse/Pen control
– VMC remote now supports a new View mode to have your PC up and running in less than 5 seconds
– Now there is a new application in Windows Store. Simply go to Windows Store, search for: Mobile Music Center Remote ( and download it.
– VMC remote now includes a help file. Press F1 to access it.
What’s new in v0.2.0 – (2009-05-20)
– Added support for MCE Controller version 2.12
– Added support for pushing the remote control to your mobile device using MCE Connect or PushNow
– Optimized remote user interface to be more responsive
– Improved hardware optimization on mobile devices
What’s new in v

VMC Remote Crack +

P2P Remote control software for the home theater PC that’s always with you.
VMC Remote lets you control your Windows Media Center PC from any device that has a TCP socket, including iSeries (IBM) compatible PCs, handheld devices, and Android/iOS tablets.
VMC Remote is simple to use and works with your home theatre PC or a PC running Windows XP or later.
Configure your remote simply and easily via our free web interface.
Simply click the control buttons on your PC (you’ll need Microsoft.NET Framework 3.0 or later), tablet or mobile device.
* One-touch web control
* One-touch push to control
* Zoomable full-screen remote control
* Touch pad support for touchscreens
* HDMI 2.0 and 3.0 support for those display types
* Full and half screen remote control
* Full screen remote control
* Remote control of your PC or tablet in your bedroom, living room or kitchen
* Full screen media window remote control
* Power off and power on your home theater PC
* Switch between Audio and Video modes
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What’s New in the?

Make your PC your portable media center by using VMC Remote to control your PC from your mobile devices.
Get a simple, secure and portable way of controlling your PC using your mobile devices.
VMC Remote features:
• Full compatibility with Microsoft Windows Vista and Media Center Home Theater PC
• Simple to setup, and easy to use
• Plays PC music files, pictures, videos, DVD’s, and more
• Compatible with all types of mobile devices such as Android, IPhone, Blackberry, Palm Pre, and Pocket PC.

The remote URL allows you to stream your video from your home PC server to your TV and other devices anywhere within your home or around the world.
Universal Media remote with Full keyboard, if the Universal Media remote is not available, you may then use the commonly-used mouse to control Windows Media Center and other SmartTV’s.

The purpose of any Windows Media Center is to control your home entertainment devices. Taskbar remote is a taskbar replacement, it gets a desktop icon when it’s running. One mouse button can close the taskbar. The remote URL in taskbar remote uses the XMLHttpRequest object of Internet Explorer, it is accessible to all plug-in windows/browsers.

A remote control application designed for media center that is great for controlling and monitoring of various entertainment devices such as DVB/ATSC tuners, Cable TV STBs, Set Top Boxes (HD-PVR/SAT/Blinder), VCRs, Projectors, Audio systems, and even AV Receivers.
It can also be used for controlling up to six devices on one remote. For easy navigation between applications it’s possible to point to buttons on the remote to directly jump to another application.
Supported controls for your Media Center:
• DVB/ATSC tuners
• Cable TV STBs
• Set Top Boxes
• VCRs
• Projectors
• Audio systems
• AV Receivers
It supports the Windows Media Player standard interface that’s compatible with Windows Vista

A remote control application designed for media center that is great for controlling and monitoring of various entertainment devices such as DVB/ATSC tuners, Cable TV STBs, Set Top Boxes (HD-PVR/SAT/Blinder), VCRs, Projectors, Audio systems, and even AV Receivers.
It can also be used for controlling up to six devices on one remote. For easy navigation between

System Requirements For VMC Remote:

Supported OS:
Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10
Installed RAM:
1 GB
Installed GPU:
Nvidia GTX 970/AMD 290 (13xx or lower)
Minimum VRAM:
Minimum Screen Resolution:
1080 x 1920 (width x height)
How to install:
Complete your Oculus headset installation as described in the Oculus Home Setup section of the Oculus Rift User Guide (or the Oculus Home Setup section of the Oculus Home Setup video


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