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Please correct any errors and help to improve this tutorial if you find any mistakes.The pottery makes by Hodohposh are all handmade and have been produced in our own pottery workshop in the heart of Shillong. We have been at this artform for 15 years and we are very familiar with every phase of making pots.

Our passion for ceramics has grown immensely with the ever growing demand for pottery in North-east India. Being well-balanced, amiable, elegant and casual, our designs are sure to excite your senses.

We value the Indian traditions and source the raw material from Myanmar (Burma). The old style of Nagaic pottery finds its roots in ancient Myanmar.

Specializing in stone and terracotta work, our first store in Shillong, ‘The Ashoka’ could be traced back to 1957. With the revival of the ancient artform of Jadoo-Nagaic pottery, we have made it a point to not only cater to the traditional markets but also enter the modern markets as well.

Our Jadoo-Nagaic, Jadoo, terracotta and stone products are not just artforms but work and serves the purpose too.

Our care of your products has been our motto and stands true to this day. We are committed to providing an excellent customer service and satisfaction to ensure we maintain a long term relationship with our valued clients.

We are a small company, but we are satisfied with what we have. We have worked hard to make it a successful one and looks forward to working with you on the matters of art and trade.Draining the Swamp

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Protests Are Responsible for July’s Inauguration

If you’ve been following the news, you might have noticed that President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration has caused a bit of a cultural rift between the United States of America and her closest ally, Canada.

The cause for the rift? The people of Canada, who have lost their minds over the idea that their prime minister, Justin Trudeau, and his cohorts, shook hands with President Trump.

“He’s not my president. I don’t take it that way,” one irate Canuck told a New York Times reporter. “He’s not even close to being president of my country


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Voice Trap V20 With Crack And Acapella Lyrics
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voice trap v20 with crack and acapella lyrics
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voice trap v20 with crack and acapella lyrics
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Voice Trap V20 With Crack And Acapella Lyrics.

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