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Vray Adv 150 Sp2 Max 2009 X64 Free Download


September 17, 2003 – I’m using Vray SP2 and Max2009 64bit. . My version in the “about vray” window is V-Ray Adv 1.50.SP2 (Max 2009 x64) I have VraySP2 1.50 with Max 2009 x64 and no problem.
I install it in the directory where I want to install Max and I install it from the Vray installation directory.
But when I install Max I get this error (please note that I can’t install to the same folder as Max).
I tried installing it in the same directory as Max.
I tried to use all the recommendations that I found on the Internet.
Here is what I have tried so far:
1. Create a new directory and copy the Vray folder into it.



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