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Category:SketchUpBank of America Earnings: Double Dip Recession Ahead?

Bank of America is in line to report disappointing earnings tonight.

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The market is likely to see this news as confirmation that the U.S. and global economies are in a recession and banking stocks are going to be crushed.

Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) and Wells Fargo (NYSE: WFC) are in a league of their own.

As I reported previously, Bank of America’s S&P 500 Adjusted Deposit Growth model (this is Bank of America’s technical model) has a 5 out of 9 probability that BAC’s S&P 500 ADGD model will breach the top of its valuation model’s forecasted channel during the upcoming cycle. Bank of America’s S&P 500 ADGD model looks to be flashing red already, suggesting that the bank’s depositors may not have enough confidence in the economy to keep depositing at an increasing rate.

If this turn of events is the case, the fifth major bank to report earnings this week is likely to be facing disappointing results. Other recent stories pointing to a deterioration in the overall economy and near-term growth outlook include the following:

Industrial Production dropped for the third month in a row in July, showing the devastating effects that the decline in housing is having on the American economy;

Consumer Confidence dropped in the most recent reading in a continued pattern of negative data;

Housing starts dropped in July, the first time housing starts have dropped in nine months;

Initial Jobless Claims, an early indicator of layoffs, rose to 386,000, the highest level since 1982.

The bulls are going to need a major reversal in sentiment to generate a sustainable rally in the stock market. It doesn’t look likely.

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OCTOBER 28, 2008 7:56 P.M.

Ron wrote:

The Double-Dip Recession is coming and will wipe out BAC’s and WF’s Depositors. In this economy


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An art gallery as an environmental intervention: results from a study of community participation.
This paper describes the evolution of an environmental intervention based on a successful series of community-based art gallery projects. The first of these, the Community Arts Space in Moreland, exhibited and sold paintings and sculptures by local artists which were collectively commissioned by local communities. The aim was to increase people’s appreciation of and interest in the conservation of the environment. The paper describes the rationale, aims and evaluation of the series of projects. It details the experience of community participation in the concept and the project development phase and shows how the gallery format has worked, and continues to work, in more ways than originally intended. The paper discusses the development of an assessment process and the changes which have been made to the design, format and process of the gallery over time. The paper considers whether the project has proved successful in terms of environmental outcomes, whether it has been successful in terms of its original aims and whether it is likely to be successful in the future. It draws conclusions about the strengths and limitations of the project, and argues that the success of the project has led to a broadening of its aims and the implementation of a range of measures.Q:

Powerbuilder MDI Json Webservice

I am currently working on an MDI form which needs to use Json Web Service to get and post data.
I have tried to create a form with all the fields needed and in the main frame i have a VCLONHTTPButton with a web-service call.
Now this does not work.
I get the following error message:

The incoming request did not use the correct request method.

The error is coming from the following code snippet:
procedure JsonRequest(ASender: TObject);

fBrandId:=StrToLong(DBGet(qTable(ID), 0);

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