WEBPhone is a small standalone program for connecting people over the Internet.
Here are some key features of “WEBphone with Video Photo Album”:
■ Chat privately
■ Transferring files/pictures between their computers
■ Viewing photos from a connected computer (no email, no uploading)
■ Leave a message to someone on-line, but being away from the computer
■ Leave a message to someone who’s screen name is known, but he/she is not on-line
■ Play chess while keep talking to each others
■ Playing Wakeup music
■ Send Webcam images









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WEBphone With Video Photo Album

What’s New in the WEBphone With Video Photo Album?

With a WEBPhone, you can talk privately to people over the Internet,
transfer files with a flash drive or memory card, and view each other’s photos.
It’s easy to chat with someone on the Internet because you do not need to login to a WEB Mail or
Web Site to get a WEBPhone! The WEBPhone doesn’t even need the web browser! Just plug it into the USB port
of your computer and then use the Internet browser to find the WebPhone’s URL in the
website you want to connect to.
Once you have found the WEBPhone’s URL, you will then use the Internet browser to login to the WEB Phone.
Once you are on-line, you will be able to see the video/photo albums of the people connected to you
or your friends, view each others’ chats, and upload your own photos and videos.
If you are connected to a WEBPhone, you will not be able to send email messages, send chat messages,
or send and receive attachments through the WEBPhone. Also, if you have your WEBPhone plugged into a USB
port, your computer will use the computer’s built in wireless modem to communicate with other
WEBPhones that are in range.
Since the WEBPhone is a small device, you will need to charge it overnight while using the Internet
browser. A simple way to do this is to plug the WEBPhone into the USB port of your computer and then
plug the WEBPhone’s USB port into the wall socket. The wall socket will supply power to the WEBPhone
while you are using the Internet browser. The WEBPhone will only get power from the wall socket if
it is plugged in, and it will automatically disconnect when your computer has enough power from the
battery. (for more information on connecting to a wireless modem, see the following instruction)
Since the WEBPhone is a small device, it will only connect to one computer at a time, so you can
share it with your family or friends.
How to use the WEBPhone:
■ First make sure that the WEBPhone is plugged into the wall socket with power
■ Next, plug the WEBPhone’s USB cable into the computer (there are two ways to
do this; one is by using the “USB cable to connect to a mobile phone or other computer”
instructions; the other is by using the ” USB cable to connect to another WEBPhone”
instructions. A “WEBPhone” will appear as a drive letter on your computer.
■ Next, download the “WEBPhone-Video” at the following link

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Processor: Intel Core i3 (2nd gen)
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: nVidia GeForce 8600 GS or above
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 2 GB available space
Additional Notes: The game has been tested to work with the following drivers and games have been tested and have worked:
Driver: AIDA64 v1.4.0.2-1
Managed: Driver – AlwaysOn Top


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