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Can extra star imagery be used with small telescopes?

So I see a lot of cool equipment for people to use “With or Without”, and that’s a perfectly good answer, but I’m wondering if an amateur astronomer can use their little at home telescope to take advantage of the extras to stack some images to make them look more interesting. I feel like this is a common thing that has been done in the past, but I don’t know how.


I’m not sure if these are really designed for stacking stars, but here’s a free download:

Its a web based image stacking program that I’ve used with success with my little hobby telescope.
I found a tutorial here on how to use it with a telescope, although it involves downloading images from the internet and not from my own telescope. I hope it helps you out.


Create a sorted list in the order of appearence

I have a list of string:

And I would like to order the list as following:

It seems easy enough, but I am unable to come up with a code (in python, but it can be in any other programming language).


What you need is a custom Comparator which orders the strings by their index in the original array.
def zipComparator(l):
# Make a copy of the input list
l = [i for i in l] # Create a list of the indices of the original list
indices = [l.index(x) for

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