Willy Wonka Jr Script Download Pdf


Download 154274929 Script Willy Wonka Jr Script download document.xlsx This is the excerpt from my script for the Easter Parade. It’s about four seconds long, but there is a lot of fun to be had: Find the recessed box in the corner of the stage, punch through its glass and get your hands on the ‘gold candy’. Then pull out the giant rainbow cake from the center of the cake as the animators start it off. Finally, hide your pink ball, which contains the attraction, out of sight and outside of your vision so you can focus on the various displays. You may notice I cut away to the cartoonish Pope’s bed, but on the way to my audition I was in great spirits. I spent at least five minutes out on the street waiting to see what I’d done. I came back that evening with an awesome idea for a silly, funny idea. I wasn’t sure what kind of character would work with it. Half the night I pondered on my own. I didn’t think I could have done a Pope. Pope is usually skinny and blond. Pokemon were skinny. Larry the Cable Guy might be a bit larger, but I didn’t think he’d have the character I was looking for. Then I thought of a stick figure. I decided to pretend that it was Pokeball. Pokedball is a Pokeball. We imagine screaming to a room full of kids who think Pokes look like hipsters. Following this short routine, I would get the product out of the bag. But I never imagined the character would have attracted me back to this page. The characters I meant to draw were of a singular nature: funny and magical. Without animation I’m not sure what I would have in mind. My script was immediately out of ideas. With a few eggs to form the idea, it became clear I could only draw the characters I’ve never seen in animated motion pictures before. There was only one thing I couldn’t do: my idea wasn’t fit the boxes, or the box-office expectations. I set up a brief film called “The Magic of



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