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Download link will be displayed for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.n Simply click on the appropriate button to start the download.
“Downloads from the media container of the media library “Universarium” for 17-bit versions of Windows
If your file is not an interactive educational presentation, but a regular document, you can save the full set of elements included in it in the “.pdf” format and select it as a boot disk or boot from the “University” media container.
To do this, find the “DVD (boot disk)” in the library and select the file with the name “” from the list that opens. Please note that when writing to external media, after loading, the disc is displayed as “MP3” – this is the name of the format used to write data to portable devices. In the above example, version 1.4.64.r.beta is taken. If instead of “EP GO.fb2” you select a link to a media file, such as “EPGA_4.z2”, the download will start from there.
For some variations of .mov and .wmv video files, you can make them usable as downloads. To do this, you can specify that this file is not interactive, for example.rar.
For example, on the “UNIVERSARIUM” boot disk, when creating or saving a file in .rgb format, you can specify: “DL”, “EPEG_4 WMV.m2”, etc.
If the operating system of the Windows 2000/XP/2003 family is installed on the computer, then as the file name “DOC” you can select a link to download from a media file, for example “DDE_4\\DDV.rgt”. In some cases, you can also use the direct link for the command line and the boot disk alternately.
What should I do if the download from the media container does not start?
In this case, you will be prompted to create bootable media and select not multimedia, but simply bootable as the disk.
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