WinGuruXP Console Download (2022)

– Launching and managing Windows Virtual Environment applications (SWVE)
– Launch SWVE applications/failsafe applications (fail-safe)
– Managing CPU, Memory, Network, Storage
– Internet applications
– Interacting with several Windows XP utilities:
– Task Manager (SMSTask)
– Process Explorer
– System Monitor
– Netstat
– Process Explorer
– Process Monitor
– WMI Applications
– ActiveX Applications
– Office Applications
– Operating System utilities
– CPU: CPU-Shedding
– Memory: Task Manager
– Network: Ping
– Storage: Drive WMI Applications (Drive C:, D:, E:)
– GUI based Network and Storage Management
– WLAN Auto-configuration
– Windows applications (Shell-aware)
– Monitor Hardware/System Events/Operations
– Network Applications
– Support VPN
– Support VNC
– Support SSH
– Format of the Console:
– Language: C
– Keyboard: QWERTY
– True Type Fonts: Arial, Verdana
– Tray Icons: Windows XP style
– Shell themes: Windows XP style
– Advanced/more than basic Console features:
– Task status: Session, Program, User, Idle
– Network status: TCP/IP connections and TCP/IP connections
– Swap/Caching: switch between processes and process memory
– HW Monitor (Hardware): CPU, Memory, Disk, Sound
– Network Monitor (Network): Ping, Netstat, Process Monitor
– HW Monitor (Hardware): System Events/Operations
– Process Monitor (Process): detailed process details
– Swap/Caching: current processes/process Memory
– Search and Replace: find/replace text
– History: search commands history
– Statistics: Console Statistics
– Configuration File: Configuration File Editor (XCF) Editor
– Configuration File: GUI Debugger (XCF) GUI Debugger
– Configuration File: Dump File
– Configuration File: Command History File
– Configuration File: Multi-instance Configuration file
– Configuration File: Main Menu File
– Configuration File: Control Panel Files
– Configuration File: System Configuration File
– Configuration File: File Extensions File
– Configuration File: Plug-

WinGuruXP Console [Mac/Win]

Developed using Delphi technology (Delphi 7).
Windows XP Environment support.
Smaller than 7 MB single executable binary file
Intuitive “Single Window” user interface.
Allow controlled software interaction with Windows applications by launching and terminating using the Console.
Manage all the applications, services, hardware and Operating System settings.
Manage and control the applications within the Console SWVE Window.
Automatically restart applications that crash.
Manage ActiveX and embedded OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) controls.
Interface with existing hardware devices using WinSock.
Control Windows NT/2000/XP system events using WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation).
Special Keys, Shortcuts and Hotkeys support to interact with the Console.
Customizable Console SWVE Window.
Customize and personalize from any console (console emulator) such as Xterm, Tera Term, PuTTY, GNOME Terminal, Konsole, CUPS, MS DOS, CMD, ConEmu, Cygwin, Acronis, X-Terminal, Windows 95 Console, Windows NT Console, RealConsole, ET-Console, ConsoleProxy, Virtual Console.
User defined plugins can be loaded to add new built-in or external SWVE application.
The Console is supplied with a simple, easy to use SWVE Application called Chronos, a monitoring application that performs Internet/Network, Disk or File System checks and status.
The WinGuruXP Console is supplied with a growing list of built-in SWVE Applications and will support installation of any SWVE application.
See the included Console documentation for screenshots, installation instructions and usage for the built-in SWVE applications.
Contribute to the project in two ways:
#1- Support WinGuruXP Console development.
#2- Help improve the built-in SWVE Applications by adding new tools, built-in SWVE applications and short cuts/hot-keys.
#3- Help improve the quality of existing built-in SWVE applications by adding features, and/or short-cuts/hot-keys.
#4- Report bugs or enhancement requests.

Requires Windows XP/2000/2003 Server.
For the more advanced user, WinGuruXP Console will allow manual installation and configuration of SWVE (Windows Virtual Environment) Applications.
SWVE Console Applications can be installed at once or after the Console has been installed.

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– Select a Console (SWVE) application and click “Launch” to launch
– Control all SWVE applications (all open windows) when running within a WinGuruXP Console
– Workstation Applications:
– Provide full PSCustomization of all application variables
– Configure customized startup parameters and separate console type from current Windows instance
– Configure window/application defaults per SWVE application
– Global settings accessible from all selected SWVE applications
– Display all application properties in a tabbed region with other SWVE application properties
– Application Settings:
– Change application settings without affecting other selected SWVE applications
– Seperate application setting values from global settings
– Save and Restart without changing global settings and configuration
– Load configuration and startup settings from file
– Save and restart all selected SWVE applications in different states
– All settings get persisted between restarts or log off/log in
– Files:
– Create and use new and existing Windows/Unix/Linux File types
– Create folder structures
– Simple file/directory/subdirectory copy
– Back up a specific SWVE application configuration
– Restore a specific SWVE application configuration
– Create and manage multiple file/directory/subdirectory views
– Run multiple/single process WSH scripts (cad, php, bat)
– Schedule WSH/cad/php/bat/properties/folder scripts to run on specified time or to stop when the Console is closed
– Set variables for all selected SWVE applications
– Enable/disable (on/off) all selected SWVE applications
– Set/clear all application preferences
– User specific preferences accessible from all selected SWVE applications
– List all applications preferences
– Sync preferences between applications
– Window Management:
– Position and resize windows
– Slide/hide windows
– Hide all SWVE windows
– Select/highlight specific window/application
– Lock/Unlock all SWVE windows
– Display/hide SWVE application tabs
– Show/hide tabs area (all apps)
– Show/hide/enable/disable all SWVE windows
– Select active console application and enable/disable
– Keyboard commands :
– Ctrl+Alt+Delete (Switch off/Restart)
– Ctrl+Alt+K (logoff/shutdown)
– Ctrl+Alt+S (Lock/unlock/Hide/Show)
– Ctrl+Alt+L (Calculate/Trace)
– Ctrl

What’s New In?

WinGuruXP Console is a Windows NT/2000/XP/Server 2003 server application which simulates the WinGuru Console version installed on the local computer.
This utility is to simplify the management of your Windows XP Operating System. It is designed to work as a standalone application, although it can also be installed to be used within the Windows Explorer context menus.
The Console allows you to start/stop applications, browse your hard disks, control the file browser, fix common problems, use the Task Manager, control Services and much more. It is loaded with over 30 built-in features to help you handle any of your problems or even just to be able to start/stop some programs that you already have installed on the system.

Start/Stop Programs: All the operating system programs installed on your computer can be started, stopped, monitored (using the built-in system log viewer), or terminated.
Fix Common Problems: If you see any “Service Status problem” message while starting your system, you can pause and fix the problem using the System Setup utility.
File Browser: You can browse and manage your local and network drives using the built-in file explorer. The data types of all the files will be displayed.

Service Control: You can control the services that are running on your system.

Permit/Block Users: You can control the access of users to the system.

Task Manager: You can monitor your system by viewing the processes running in the system, the amount of system resources used by each process, the amount of memory used by each process, the services that are running, etc. You can even stop the programs that are using the most amount of memory, system resources, etc.

Time: You can control how much time should you spend on your computer.

Processes: You can view the processes running on your system and terminate them.

Registry: You can view the structure of the Windows NT/2000/XP/Server 2003 system registry, modify all the entries, and edit the value of the registry entries. This utility provides a powerful way to modify the Windows registry.

Configure: This utility allows you to configure the settings of the WinGuruXP Console.

Folder Views: You can add, remove, move and rename the displayed folders and create special folders.

Zone View: You can add, remove, move, resize, rename, and delete a virtual workspace called Zone and add, rename

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: AMD Athlon, Core 2 Duo
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9.0 compliant with Shader Model 3.0
DirectX: Version 9.0
DirectX: Version 9.0 Hard Drive: 6 GB available space
Additional Notes: The optional KickBack input device is not supported by all games and may require an additional driver. If you are having trouble installing a driver, please visit the manufacturer’s web site to download the latest driver.

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