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From the logs, we can see that the entire installation process of the AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client takes approximately 12 minutes



The reason why you see “WinSetup-Release-web-deploy.exe” is that this is the name of your program. If you are going to create a portable app, you can use any name you want.

Discounts for SPFL clubs on the new-look SPFL Player Contracts Regulations

Starting next year, SPFL clubs will have an additional month to introduce new players on their books.

Under the new regulations, which are effective for 2019/20, clubs will have until 1st July to do so rather than until 1st August.

The new regulation applies to all new players and all players who were out of contract in either August or September.

The player can sign a contract with a club, be released to return to play, or can leave the club at any time.

However, the regulations state that the ‘normal’ deadline of 30th June to play a given season will apply where a player is under contract.

The aim of the new legislation is to allow clubs to ‘start planning’ early on the recruitment and retention of new players and to ‘encourage clubs to spend time developing young talent in their academy and youth structures.’

The new rules will come into effect for the 2019/20 season, which starts in August.Q:

How do you set a sub-template as the default view for a partial in Angular?

How do you set a sub-template as the default view for a partial in Angular?
I am writing a partial which is dependent on a value from the template, so I would like to render the default view from a certain template when the view is not defined. I’m trying to avoid the use of $scope.$parent.
I’m working in a Angular project and I am using partial as a directive:


$scope.myHome = ‘header1’;

I want to display header1 when my partial is not defined.

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