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At the time, I had a pair of tennis shoes that I thought looked pretty cool. So, I started to draw the pattern on the soles of the shoes and then sewed them up, thus creating my own pad.

There is a lot of Chinese mythology that deals with this sort of thing. One of my favorite Chinese sayings is “You can put a horse in a well-trimmed stall, but you can’t make him drink from a pond”. In my case, it’s OK to be lazy or stop looking for a perfectionist’s mindset or make things as a whole, but you still can’t make things without some roughness or imperfection.

You gotta take time to be un-perfect.

I learned a lot from these shoes which is why I didn’t throw them away and instead used them as a source of inspiration.

Here is the original picture:

This was my first attempt. I still made a lot of mistakes which I could avoid if I’d taken another picture from a different angle. It also didn’t reflect the color. My pad was more gray and the colors were entirely different on the second version. This is a photo I took:

This shows the difference in color more clearly. On top of that, this one also has a higher pressure and faster motion. At the end of the day, nobody knows which one is better. It’s always the first one that I did which was the better one.

The inspiration I got from these shoes was something to feel proud of. I have always tried to do things that I’m good at. The same goes for college. Since I had my own experience, I think my grades would be better if I studied more and less rested. Once you get good at something, you shouldn’t just look for things that you’re good at. If you want to do something,

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