Wow64 Emulator 32-bit Windows Free Download


When WOW64 emulation is enabled, the system isolates 32-bit applications from 64-bit applications, which prevents file and registry conflicts. WOW64.exe is located in the %ProgramFiles%\\Microsoft\\Windows\\Windows SDK\\64\\ folder on the system drive.
To enable WOW64.exe, copy the WOW64.exe file to the %ProgramFiles%\\Microsoft\\Windows\\Windows SDK\\64\\bin folder.
If you want only 64-bit applications to be used for Windows Vista applications, you must remove the #ifdef WOW64 line from the file.
To do this, copy WOW64.exe to the %ProgramFiles%\\Microsoft\\Windows\\Windows SDK\\64\\bin folder and remove the #ifdef WOW64 line from the file.



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