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What’s Your Reaction?

“That’s all I know, have to say,” he said. “I don’t know what happened.

“I’m glad my 10-year-old son was working at the time,” he said.

The young men said they didn’t know what caused the incident, which led to the death of Follis’ daughter and son-in-law.

“It was a fight with that guy we don’t know who it was,” Donnell said.

He said the young men got in a fight with someone, but he didn’t know whom they were fighting.

“My son ended up shooting the guy that got shot,” Donnell said. “My son got locked up. He didn’t get charged. They were fighting over the girl that killed her family. That’s all I know.”

Follis said he was questioned by police, but never had to go to court.

After the shooting, Donnell told his mother about the incident.

“I don’t know what went wrong,” Donnell said. “I’m not the one that shot the gun. My son got locked up, never got charged.”N.Korea nuclear test may show new world map of control

The nuclear test by North Korea confirmed just days ago will serve as a revelation of new map of international control in the Pacific region.

It is yet to be confirmed in specifics, but the test was designed to challenge the United Nations Security Council’s authority on the issue of global security.

In the development, Pyongyang will have to recognize Washington’s will as a new world map.

North Korea, which is eager to check out its potential to trump the international countermeasure to the test, has already threatened to conduct an inter-continental ballistic missile test.

The country has never managed a successful satellite launch as well as the previous nuclear tests, which suggests the Kim regime has perhaps its goal to follow through


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