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Xfer Records Cthulhu V1.1 (Full Crack)


Cthulhu is a MIDI-only plugin with support for over 150 factory chord presets. These chord progressions are stored in memory so they are fully editable. You can quickly change an entire chord progression by typing a few notes or by entering recorded MIDI notes.
Cthulhu’s real power lies in its chord memorization feature. Chord progressions can be loaded into memory and retrieved with a single chord or a chord sequence which can be scaled with a semi-octave position knob.
Cthulhu allows you to quickly and easily change the progression of an entire song, but keep the song sounding completely original.
Cthulhu is a perfect plugin for songwriters and musicians that want to experiment with chord progressions. Every chord in Cthulhu can be played with any instrument of choice, making this plugin ideal for the mixing desk, for example.
Cthulhu can also be used as a “chord rememberer” by launching a chord progression from a particular chord or from a sequence of chords that you’ve memorized.
Cthulhu was designed to be a versatile tool in your arsenal but it is also a simple, intuitive and user-friendly plugin.
Cthulhu works with all major music DAWs as well as any MIDI/audio interface.
Please consider making a donation to support this project.

Download xfer records cthulhu 1.1 directly from their website:

Our database is basically closed: Last update 16.02.2016
This free version of xfer records cthulhu does not have any limitations, but you cannot save presets.
If you want to make this plugin to work and save presets you should purchase the xfer records $15 one.
**This is not an xfer records commercial version. This is for free.
Please read this page for links to soundforge, audio midi, and midimix.
Some links are no longer live so check them out in our site.


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Cthulhu V1.1 (Full Version)
Xfer Records Cthulhu v1.1 (Full Crack)
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