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C#, Winforms App – How to track memory usage, or how much data are allocated by my form?

I am new to C# and Winforms App development. As an exercise I would like to make a Windows Application which, when used, shows a list of text files contained in a folder, and to be more specific it opens every text file in the folder and displays the contents of the text file in a ListBox and two buttons, one for Save and one for Open.
I wish to have a Memory Status bar in the Windows form. As in, when a file is opened by the user, what part of the memory is used, how much memory has been used, how much memory remains after that, and any other memory wise data that I could use for my project.
I have never done this before. I have some kind of an idea about using ‘TextFile.ReadAllText’ and how to read the file contents into a string object but I am not sure about how to use the string object for memory usage and so on.
Please suggest and implement me in how to do this.
Here is my Winforms App:

Any suggestions/tips/help will be greatly appreciated!


You can use TotalMemory property to get memory usage of form and string object’s capacity property to get character count.
var memSize = yourForm.TotalMemory;
var stringSize = yourString.Length;

var stringSizeInBytes = (int)stringSize;
var memSizeInBytes = memSize / 1024 / 1024;

Then at form’s load event do:
var lblMem = new Label();
lblMem.Text = stringSizeInBytes + ” bytes used, ” + memSizeInBytes + ” remaining”;

Or you can do this in designer:


The TotalMemory property of the form will give you the total memory that the form has used.
string s = “Hello” + Environment.NewLine + “there”;
var mem = s.Length;

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